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iWrite’s iContent is what you need to establish your brand’s voice and generate awareness. As one of the creamy layer content developers in India, we help you embark on an interesting and successful journey with a virtual salesperson for your brand. On the internet bound digital platforms, it is your content that plays salesperson. As a renowned content agency in Delhi, we are committed to crafting the content that sells.

With potentially informative iContent you can get attractive Google rankings, drive more traffic to your website, nurture your potential clients and sell your products effectively.

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Read on to see how we fabricate iContent to make you successful in your inbound strategy.

Our Content Writing Process

Formulation of iContent at iWrite goes through three stages:

  • Pre iContent Process
  • Core iContent Process
  • Post iContent Process
Pre iContent Process
Primary Research Phase

Our primary phase of content writing process revolves around gathering information and researching to understand the role of your brand in the market, and thus draw the guidelines to create content that meets your goals and objectives. So, this part of gathering information includes gaining a better understanding of the content subject and researching keywords to rank you on page 1 of the search engine result pages.

Buyer Personas

We also craft buyer personas for your target audience to understand their calibre and accordingly choose the writing style with a perfect tone. Based on this information we proceed to fix the total length for the article in words and optimise the said content considering your online and offline competitors. Final Research Phase

Then we move into researching the practical details of the content subject. Our goal is to provide you with content that has never existed before on the world wide web. Our team of experts researches in all possible media, both online and offline, to deliver highly engaging and unique content.

We understand the importance of your inbound strategy and the wittiness of Google algorithms. So, rest assured of impeccable content deliverables. With our established content agency in Delhi, you need not worry about duplicated and plagiarized content.

Core iContent Process

Once we have done the required research and gathered all the information, we set forth our foot into the core content writing process. Now, this process has two phases. First content planning and the other content development.

Content Planning

Here is where we plot strategically to ensure that the content is easily recognised by the Google crawlers to increase your Google rankings. We contrive ideologies to make your content Google optimised.

SEO Optimised Content

You might be aware of the buzz around title tags. You may have a fair idea of how important your title tags, header tags, and metadata are to make your content visible to Google spiders. Our iTeam concocts the effective usage of these significant tags.
Besides, we also trump up the parlance of keywords and keyword density. We effectively gather the outbound links to increase your domain credibility and also generate quality backlinks for your website to increase your domain authority.

Website Optimised Content

We believe that a great website is one that engages users and visitors at a higher level. To provide such spiffing user experiences we pitch content both textually and graphically - with visually appealing infographics.
We make sure that your website is properly aligned with the right proportion of text and visuals. We also ensure the maximum loading speed of your website by limiting the image size, alongside creating suitable alt tags for your images and curating the image names with the researched keywords.
Trust us, such website optimised content is not only user-friendly but also Google friendly. This is one of the prime reasons why iWrite India is the desirable content agency in Delhi for many businesses across the globe.

Audience Optimised Content

We understand that your target audiences hail from different cultures and milieus. Leave it to our team of skilful content writers to tone the content appropriately to let your engagement level prospects down through the sales funnel.

Post iContent Process

After developing your content, we send it for copyediting and proofreading, before airing them live on your website.

Copy Editing

In this phase, we refine the written content and fine-tune the overall structure by eliminating any unmerited and irrelevant information. This process helps us to keep the content precise and compelling. Further, we are also able to make a quality check by assessing the content for plagiarism and factuality of the content.

Proof Editing

Many people confuse copy editing and proofreading. While copy editing involves changes to the content itself to make it more compelling to drive readers to execute the calls-to-action, proofreading entails the elimination of spelling, grammatical, punctuation, and sentence structure errors. In this process, we endorse the accurate usage of spacing and fonts. In this process, we cause no change to the crux of the content rather make it meet the Standard English guidelines.

Content Airing

After submitting the crafted content to the aforementioned processes, we send it for your approval. Upon your satisfaction, we air the content live on your website. We work labouriously to suit the curated content with your website’s design and take care of all formatting. Not just that, we also edit the content according to your wishes even after the content has been uploaded to your website.

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Meticulous Content

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Researched Content

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Engaging Content

Augment audience engagement with our visually appealing infographics that complements the textual content.

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