A team is not built on the collection of people; it is built around the unrelenting dedication, desire to deliver the best, and abiding conviction of those people.

The team at iWrite India lives by this definition!

We are a bunch of perfection-holic online and offline content developers and we keep discovering newer methods to deliver better than what our clients are asking for. We are always on the lookout to outdo our past performances, thus, keeping the benchmarks high!

This is not just in words; we make sure our actions are a reflection of what we commit.

Ever since its inception in the year 2013, iWrite India takes pride in having some extremely dedicated and aptly qualified writers and content developers on-board. These content creators put their brains to work to churn the most effective ideas that help people sell their businesses successfully. They write so that people can sell!

The skills, the appropriate qualifications and the overall expertise that makes a difference, are some of the elements that the team is equipped with to deliver the best content ever. Our content writers are considered some of the finest in the industry, not just because we claim so; but because they have worked hard to earn that spot. They are a unique blend of creativity, innovation and knowledge.

Content writers at iWrite India also come with their respective niches to deliver the content relevant to domains such as technical, digital marketing, lifestyle, travel, healthcare, academic and business development.

Also, with the ongoing internship programs at iWrite India, we are on the continuous lookout for fresh writing talent that can be polished further and presented to the world as a fully equipped and highly professional content writer. We urge young guns to join this platform and hone their skills to have a fulfilling career that brings ample opportunities to get creative satisfaction and earn a living at the same time.

The team at iWrite India stands for a commitment to deliver the best offline and online content services to clients in India and abroad!

Deeksha Dudeja

Writing content that educates, engages, and empowers my audience is my ardent passion. Articulating powerful words to craft brand stories is my skillset. Embodying ideas and thoughts into digestible compounds is my calling.

At iWrite India, I have a unique privilege to indulge in all of the above by serving in the areas of my expertise: Remote Sensing & GIS, Digital Marketing, Health & Fitness, Travel & Tourism, Science & Technology.

I’m currently pursuing my third year as a bachelor of engineering in the discipline of Geo-Informatics, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. I am also a prize winner of the 31st National Essay Writing Contest, organized by the Department of Atomic Energy, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai.

Though my educational background is down core technical, and though I enjoy the hands-on challenge on advanced technologies, my wholehearted devotion lies in explaining hard and unfathomable technical details to the end-users.

While launching a satellite might be my cape, wielding the pen is my crown!

Jedidah Singh Rhoda
Technical Content Writer

Ever since my childhood, writing has been my passion. Writing and writing well was always very important to me.

To follow this, I interned at a publishing house, where I helped in creating a blog and social media content and am now pursuing a B. A. in English.

My writing strengths have significantly evolved over the years, beginning with creative writing, turning into academic writing and now incorporating content writing. At iWrite India, especially, I consistently hone my content writing ability by engaging in copywriting, blog writing, website content creation, and social media content for a wide variety of clients.

Having such a broad skillset while having varying levels of proficiency in English, Hindi and Telugu make a lot of content accessible to me, ensuring that the process of learning how to write and, especially, how to write well never ends. And this constant learning process keeps my passion alive, allowing me to consistently better my skills.

After all, there is a reason they say, and I truly believe, a pen is mightier than a sword.

Rahel Rao
Technical and Lifestyle Content Writer

After graduating from the University of Delhi, I became curious about the functioning of society from an interdisciplinary framework.

In the pursuit, I started working for many NGOs and Social enterprises, including,, Pariksha.Co, LTC India and Impactpreneurs. Apart from writing content for iWrite India, I am engaged with People's Resource Centre as a social researcher working in areas like resources, sustainability and urban agriculture. I am also a part of social movements concerning women, LGBTQA and Dalit issues.

I have been working as a bilingual translator for the last five years and has translated books, content for UPSC coaching academies, Research Papers etc.

My other interests include avid reading, exploring Hindi and English literature, and writing poetry. My poems are published in various magazines and web platforms like Janmat, Lallantop, Kavita Kosh, Divya Marathi etc. I have also attended prestigious poetry events organized by Hindi Academy, Delhi and Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal as a guest speaker.

Mohini Singh
Lifestyle Content Writer

Creative writing is what gives me the job satisfaction, which I always wanted.

My 9 years long stint with this amazing writing domain has given me ample opportunities to hone my skills further.

My work profile includes writing blogs for Star Plus channel, screenplays of daily soaps for various mainstream Hindi TV channels, audio books and short stories for Swedish Audio Publishing House, Storytel and many more.

With that, I also indulge in lyrics writing for independent singers and projects, both domestic and international. Writing meaningful lyrics is my passion that keeps me going. I have written couple of short films, which are currently under production.

At iWrite India, I believe my skills are getting wings. This is a platform that provides me with a vast canvas to colour with the words that I have.

Nitish Bakshi

I always seem to find a way with words, written or spoken.

With over a decade of experience in marketing strategy and planning, marketing communications, content marketing and secondary research, reading, writing and putting the information to good use became my natural passion.

My areas of specialization include go-to-market strategy, content writing and management, SEO, keyword-based competition analysis and social media campaigns.

With iWrite India, I got an opportunity to research and write through a broad spectrum of topics for a diverse clientele. From real estate to data analytics, I have explored business writing for a number of sectors in the domestic and international market, while working here. This has helped me to identify my real potential, and I feel I am ready to take on more challenging writing tasks.

When I am not writing, I am either tending to my balcony garden, making terrariums or penning down poetry.

Vikas Tiwari
Content Strategist

Being a digital marketer, one of the primary skills required is content creation, command over language and strong research skills. With hobbies like reading and researching attitude, writing comes naturally to me.

I have been writing blogs, newsletter, white papers, and website content along with email drafts for the past five years. I have written blogs and other content for B2B and B2C companies, HR and Staffing companies, e-commerce sites, and software and app development companies.

Working with iWrite India has provided me avenues to hone my skills further. I have had the privilege to write for some big tech brands during my tenure here.

My other hobby is writing poems. I participated in the World Poetry Competition in the year 2000, where my poem “A Portrait...” was selected in the Top 33, which were selected from around the world.

Mayur Mahajan
Technical Content Writer

A Digital Marketing Strategist and a content writer for my professional endeavors, I am a reckless dreamer at heart

My love for writing and marketing constantly pushes me to explore new opportunities that challenge me to expand my horizons.

A strong command of the English language, combined with an Engineering background enables me to write comprehensive SEO optimized technical content and engaging lifestyle blogs. I have written feature stories for The Hindu Metroplus and have a collective reader base of over 7000+ readers across various platforms like Instagram and YourQuote where I publish my poetry, short stories, and blogs.

As a Digital Marketer, I have worked with several brands to aid business growth across industries like Real estate, Fashion, Hotel Management, Education, Engineering Consultancies, and FMCG. I firmly believe that when a quality product/service meets the right marketing strategy, a lot can happen. Digital is the future and the future is already here!

When I’m not working, you will find me reading/painting in a quiet corner of my home, watering houseplants, befriending stray dogs, or dreaming by myself in a deserted café. Each day, I strive to be a better version of myself.

Indhumathi Nagarajan
Digital Marketing Strategist & Technical Content Writer

With a natural flair for design and a well-spanning portfolio of various industry domains, I believe design is all about inclusivity in diversity.

I have always loved to keep myself updated on newer design trends and I like to experiment with colour palettes and elements. While I understand it is important to put the focus on branding when working with brands, I find it equally important to let the creativity take the front-seat while playing wth branding colour palettes. 

At Write, I get ample opportunity to hone my skills while working on a diverse range of brands. I have also explored many aspects of design when working on projects undertaken by iWrite. 

Saroj Poddar
Graphic Designer
Happy Stories

We’re humbled to be working with a diverse array of clients that range from early start-ups to well-established companies.