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Are You Focusing on Digital Branding and Marketing for Gen Z?

The digital marketers mostly overlook Gen Z. Stats say that 90% of Gen Xers use smartphones, which is a massive number for a marketer. Gen Z is forgotten by a huge section of digital marketers considering their age. But times have changed. Ninety-three per cent of parents say their Gen Z children influence their household spending. That’s a lot of influence to ignore. For businesses, this is key. Especially for Digital Branding efforts.

Digital Branding
Digital Branding

Who Is Gen Z?

Generation Z are those born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Precisely, Those in Gen Z categories are today’s teenagers and those in their early 20s. Generation Z in their 20’s are starting to work, and their earning power increases proportionately to their buying power. Hence, regardless of your niche market, it’s time to focus on this opportunity for business growth.

If you haven’t thought about Gen X, then now is the perfect time to start. So, let’s check out how to focus on Digital Branding and Marketing for Gen Z in a capsule,

Post Valuable Content

Reflect your brand values in a realistic direction. Gen Z does not like exaggerating. They prefer realistic missions and values. They believe in the value of self-expression and are vocal about topics that were considered sensitive in the older generations.

Establish Your Brand Personality

Move on from the millennial-focused content of Gen Z.  Gen Zers prefer brands that are bold and have a strong voice and a unique personality. Don’t be afraid to voice out. Keep your content and hues bright with catchy music.

Brand Loyalty

Gen Z is willingly loyal to brands. Stats on digital branding state that 60% of Gen Zs are happy to associate with their brand of choice. Hence it is imperative to customize content that will engage and interest your Gen X audience.

Pack A Punch

Gen Z is immune to blatant marketing campaigns. Create crisp content mainly in video format that conveys your idea in 8 seconds. You either grab their attention or get forgotten. Make realistic content based on individual expression and communicate what experience your product will bring to them.

Be Responsive

Do not give a one size fits all reply. Give tailored responses and address all complaints. Show your readers that you will resolve any gaps at your end.

We hope that the above tips added value. iWrite India is a digital branding company with a decade of experience in creating successful brands. We build successful brand stories that stand out from the crowd.

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