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So Your Business Prospects Do Not Trust Your Ads? Here’s Some Help!

Trust is the foundation of good business relations. Good content marketers believe in the product they are selling. This makes buyers believe in them, too. With word of mouth marketing, resulting in 5x more sales than paid marketing, getting over the first paid marketing hurdle – ads – and having prospects trust you, matters. The goal, therefore, is to act less like a salesperson and more like a “trusted advisor.”

(Source: Marketing Charts)

Prospects need to have faith in you as a brand to become loyal. Brand loyalty is the ultimate goal, which is achievable only through establishing yourself as trustworthy by being transparent about your values – something a good content marketing company in Delhi can help you accomplish!

That said, there are certain things you can use in your ads to improve trust with your business prospects. Let us explore them.

#1: Social Proof

The importance of reviews cannot be overstated. Reviews act as a substitute for word-of-mouth marketing when your customers do not have friends who have used your product. A study by iPerceptions found that reviews boost conversion rates by 63%! Placing a one-line review on your ads, therefore, draws people in more, making them more likely to click through to your website and purchase your product.

Movie posters and book covers are prime examples of this tactic, with their content marketers, including critic reviews on their covers and every advertisement. If a movie has won an Oscar or a book has won the Nobel Prize, this is also included as proof of quality.

#2: Promise Transparency About Results

In an era where we are spoiled for choice, getting customers to trust you is a huge hurdle. We have already discussed the <importance of backlinks> in getting search engines to trust you. Search engines follow human behaviour. Therefore, both require credibility and establishing yourself is crucial. Credibility is earned through transparency about brands as well as about the results you get. This is why in ads for skin care products, you always see before and after shots. On the other hand, if you are organising an event and are including a list of sponsors on your posters (as you should), always place the most well-known sponsors at the top of the list. If prospects see names they recognise, they are more likely to trust you like they trust your sponsor.

#3: Leverage Bad Experiences Properly

When you advertise yourself, you need to present yourself as a solution to a problem. If your prospect has had a bad experience with another company in your field, you can use that as fuel to further yourself. While this may seem counterintuitive, remember that their bad experience does not mean they don’t need your field anymore. They still need your expertise. So, ensure that your ad copy created by your content marketing company in Delhi convinces them of your expertise.

#4: Guide Prospects Towards Choosing You

(Source: Dallas Morning News)

According to Gartner, customers are 153% more likely to make smaller purchases when bombarded with information. Information overload is a reality in an age when there are too many choices for coherent analysis. Here, again, you come in as a solution. Becoming a trusted advisor means helping your customers make the right decision for them. Guide them towards choosing you by being transparent and available to answer any questions.

With expert content marketers working on your ad copy, you can put the appropriate amount of information on posters and social media ads so that keywords catch your prospects’ eye, pushing them towards choosing you. Once they start their journey down the sales funnel, you are much more likely to get a conversion.

#5: Use FOMO to Your Advantage

FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out is something a lot of customers experience. It drives sales to a large extent since everyone wants in on trends. Use this to your advantage and keep track of industry trends. E.g. season sales in the fashion industry are prime examples of this concept. Promoting summery clothes through ads depicting beach holidays and basking in the sun pushes customers to buy summer clothes and go for beach holidays. Such ads don’t only sell the product; they also sell experiences.

FOMO is contingent on missing out on life. Have your content marketers leverage this emotion and convince your prospects that their lives will be improved by incorporating your product.

#6: Prove Competency, Consistency, and Faith

Trust is a two-way street. Speaking down to your prospects or making them feel disrespected through your ad campaigns are strict no-nos. You need to show that you have faith in their ability to discern authenticity from fraudulence. Get yourself a competent team of content marketers from a leading content marketing company in Delhi and write ad copy that speaks to your prospects as people. Make them feel like you trust them so that they trust you.

Here, you also need to be consistent and deliver on your promises that you make in your ads. Prove your competency through research, personalising solutions, guiding them through various processes, and ensuring that they have the best experience with you overall. This not only proves your competency and validates their faith but also can push them to indulge in word-of-mouth promotion for you!

#7: Be Human

(Source: MDG Advertising)

People often connect professionalism to being serious. But what if we told you that you could be professional while allowing for a little informality. While this depends on the prospect, you are coveting, treating your prospects as humans, requires you to act like one, too.

Show genuine interest in them and be concerned about their problems. Make them feel heard, and like your solutions are tailored to them. In your ad campaigns, including smiles and clever wordplay so you can become a company of human beings rather than another faceless corporation.

At iWrite India, our content marketers write ad copy tailored to your needs. As a pioneering content marketing company in Delhi, our writers understand the demands of different media in putting forth your brand image and create content accordingly. Therefore, with us, you get high-quality ads that make you feel like a person rather than just a brand!

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