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A Case for Creating Content During COVID-19

Did you know that 30-40% of a company’s budget goes towards marketing campaigns that require people to see them physically? This includes expenses such as:

  • Trade Show Sponsorship
  • Travel
  • Expenses
  • Attendance
  • Collateral

COVID-19 negated the need for such a budget, forcing companies to begin redistributing the budget immediately. This is when companies turned to content marketing plans.

(Source: Omnicore Agency)

The increasingly digital world we live in demands that companies adapt to the changing time. When the average subscriber is no longer going out and instead, spending hours on their phones and computers, the ads need to go where they’ll see them.

This brings us to the first point we want to use to push you to create content during COVID-19.

People are Always on their Devices

Digital marketing is thriving right now because everything is online. Creating content online (i.e. content marketing) that generates leads and ensures conversions is in high demand. Companies can no longer rely on physical stores. Customers have moved to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see their favourite brands.

You need to get on the same platforms. Meet your customers where they are. Create a social media presence. Redistribute funds towards content marketing in Delhi, and you are bound to see results.

Content Writers Alleviate Anxiety

This may seem like a bold claim to make, but we are in the middle of a pandemic. People are more stressed now than ever. Jobs continue being on the line, and people continue taking salary cuts all over the world. In such times, people turn to the digital sphere for a distraction.

You can choose to continue being intimidated by the pandemic, or you can help your customers. Give them mindless content that’s fun and easy to consume. Make them see that there is more in the world. Help them take care of themselves by giving them the tools to do it. For example, if you are a skincare company, invest resources into creating an informative Instagram presence. Show your customers how they can take care of themselves during this time.

Marketing strategies have always been about providing solutions. Just because we live in Industry 4.0, don’t let that stop your content marketing plans from solving problems!

Invest in Brand Image

(Source: Medium)

More customers today than ever want brands that feel like people. This is why brands jump onto trends to sell products. Content continues to be a long-term investment that benefits your brand and helps your customers see beyond the logo. A 2019 study even showed that nearly 90% of successful brands had content writers creating content for 12 months! This content included taking a stand during the pandemic. Talk about charitable organisations people can donate to in times of crisis – that you have contributed to – or about the healthcare professionals. 

Take a stance on social distancing and care about what’s happening in the world. Not only is this an empathetic approach that everyone should uphold, but it also makes your customers feel heard. They see themselves reflected in your brand and, therefore, choose you.

Cultivate Brand Loyalty

There is no time like the present to cultivate brand loyalty. Even if you can’t gain new buyers, work to keep existing buyers. Various companies offer loyalty programs and benefits to their customers. While that is one way, the other way, i.e. taking moral decisions also helps cultivate brand loyalty. For E.g. If you are a makeup company that actively takes a cruelty-free stance, you are more likely to have people coming towards you.

Companies that make statements not only stand out but also receive more news coverage. You get more exposure either through Facebook and Instagram shares or Twitter retweets. The point is, you cultivate loyalty by having a philosophy and helping those who adhere to your philosophy.

Consistency is the Key

(Source: The Income Spot)

Before COVID-19 was upon us, companies had far-reaching digital marketing strategies. One common denominator across all strategies was the regularity of content. After the pandemic, a lot of businesses began slipping due to other needs not being met. As of this point in September 2020, there are nearly 74 million posts on WordPress in this month alone.

Consistency ensures that you stay at the top of your customer base’s mind. Since they are not going out and seeing you out there, you need this continuous stream of content. Whether this means renovating your website, creating a YouTube channel, or adding other platforms you will promote yourself on, consistency in content – especially in quality – is necessary.

At iWrite India, our content writers in Delhi have been working hard since the pandemic to continue delivering the high-quality writing we have always promised. Refusing to let our standards slip, we ensure that our writing style aligns with your content marketing plans and benefits your brand image to the maximum. We turn your ideas into reality through the power of the written word!

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