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“Did You Know?!” – 5 Unknown Facts About Content Marketing

There is no world quite like the digital world with its endless stream of information, tips, tricks and other such consumable media. The main thing to understand is that all these media come under content.

With content comes the world of content marketing. Wild, weird, and complicated to navigate; the primary problem is that there is no single secret to content marketing. There is no tried and tested formula that works every time.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Yet, this is the first fact:

No Strategy to Rule Them All

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Content marketing strategies can range from one kind to being 12-fold. Someone can choose just to have a website while another company may expand onto every social media platform.

There is no single path to success. Various methods like creating SEO-friendly content, spreading the content on several forums, sending targeted emails, and many others delivered reliable results individually. This mix is what a content marketer needs to keep in mind. While there is no single magic answer, there are several methods which, when used in the right combination, can truly deliver results!

Blogging is Everything

This may be surprising to hear, considering we live in the age of social media. You may think to give Instagram more attention produces better results. But trust us, when your potential leads are scrolling at 3 am, they are reading blogs.

Neglecting your blog is not an option. Consistency is critical: putting out regular, well-thought-out, interesting pieces brimming with information ensures that your blog stays current and you appear higher in the SERPs. The ideal number of blogs to post in a month is around 15. This increases traffic massively.

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Emailers Over Social Media

Once again, it might be surprising that emails seem to have a higher lead generation rate than social media. But if you think about it, it makes sense. When scrolling through social media, people are not actively engaging. Passive scrolling is a huge reality in today’s world.

But you cannot passively read emails. Therefore, when someone receives an email, they are much more likely to read it. The likelihood of engagement increases. Don’t worry; we were surprised about this too!

When in Doubt, Pictures

Considering the continually increasing prominence of visual content, using pictures in your content should not come as a surprise. After all, it’s what platforms like Instagram were made for!

Images increase engagement. They stimulate a different part of the brain from the part that processes text. This part works much faster, ensuring that the picture leaves an impression even if they don’t remember the text surrounding it. Whether it be an infographic or a meme, images can genuinely make or break content!

Original Content is Overrated

Let us end this list with another astounding fact. Originality is overrated. In a world where only the depths of the oceans and ends of space are left to be explored, mere novelty should not be something to strive for.

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Even if you come up with content that you think is 100% original, it has probably been done before. But do not get disheartened by this because what matters is your take and tone when discussing the topic. If you blandly present an entirely original idea, it is still lousy content. If you use reliable sources as references (as over 50% of content creators do) and present arguments and ideas in exciting ways, you will always engage your audience.

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