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5 Reasons You Are In For Big Returns If You Keep Creating Content During COVID 19

With the COVID 19 threatening the lives and livelihoods of people globally, both consumers and businesses have been changing their lifestyles to adapt to the new normal.

One such change is seen in the increased dependency on virtual interactions and online transactions for all business dealings. As consumers fear physical communions, businesses are taking all their operations online. That said; the big whales of the industry such as DoubleTree and Nike are all leveraging content like never before.

It won’t be an exception to say that in these times of confinement, businesses with an online presence and with engaging content are securing the seats in the top-most shelves. While the importance of content can never be ignored, in the times of corona scare, it is becoming the most essential ingredient to the success of enterprises. Content creation during COVID 19 is proving to be the most workable strategy.

For a better understanding, let us present to you how NuFace, one of the renowned beauty brands, has been offering its products during these times of COVID 19.

As NuFace’s consumers are in lockdown, the brand witnessed a surging demand for at-home treatments for skincare. To address this demand of its clients, NuFace engages in virtual house calls through FaceTime and Zoom, wherein the brand’s CEO Tara Peterson delivers the tutorials to its consumers.

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To take this service to a more significant segment of its consumers, NuFace has doubled its content development for Instagram. The catch, Story views are up by 30%, and comments are up by 20%. As they say, the rest is history, NuFace is staying in touch with its clients and has not orphaned them in their time of need.

You should also gain inspiration from Peterson’s words, “The most important thing for us right now is staying connected to our community and finding ways to uplift them”.

If you have been wondering until now, if the dough you’ve got to invest in your content developers during COVID 19 was worth it, maybe NuFace’s example would have extinguished that doubt.

Yet, it is vital to understand the five compelling reasons to keep creating content in these times:

Content Helps Your Brand Get Attention

According to a report by The Washington Post, the iPhone weekly screen time is known to have gone through the ceiling. These stats simply show how your consumers are being cooped up in their houses, staring at their digital screens, looking for something fresh and lively.

And at such a time as this, if your content fails to furnish that piece of the engaging blog post, your competitor is going to haul them to their business through his animated Facebook post.

You wouldn’t want that to happen, do you?

So, connect with your consumers. Even if they do not purchase anything at the moment, they’ll at least remember you enough to drop by and engage with you once again when the world becomes COVID-19-free. Start looking for experienced content writers now.

Content Helps Your Consumers Get Relaxation

These are uncertain times.

That said, just like you have your business concerns, so do your consumers. They too have a lot of trials and tribulations going on. While they are looking out for movies to distract them from their anxious thoughts, imagine what a great bond you will create with your consumers if you distract them as well as those movies do.

For instance, please take a look at Hubspot’s Facebook post that features the memes on What People Think I Do/What I Really Do for its Sales and Marketing department.

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While Hubspot certainly spent a dime in generating this content, it comes along as a way of saying ‘Hi’ to its customers, while earning a hearty laugh.

Try that for your business too.

So, if you are a real estate company, get your content writers to develop blog contents in the likes of “the evolution of real estate in the past decade”, and more such informative and engaging posts during this lockdown. This way, leverage content to build fruitful relationships with your customers.

Content Keeps Your Business Bustling

Imagine a situation where our honourable Prime Minister would fail to address the Indian citizens concerning the COVID-19.

Won’t you, as a citizen, wonder what went wrong?

Similarly, if you are going to keep mum during these times of COVID-19, your customers are going to wonder if you have vanished to thin air. Someone who is working on their online presence will take over your spacet. Thus, it is vital that you partner with your content developers and jot down posts on what you’ve been doing on your part to keep your business operations and consumer experience unparalleled during this crisis.

As a case in point, consider how Appknox ran a security audit to develop a blog post under the title “Fact Checks & Myth Busts – Is The Aarogya Setu App Safe To Use?”. While the whole nation was being threatened with the data security myths about this app, Appknox’ content developers helped to put the truth across to the nation.

In the same way, you can also partner with your content writers to develop content on what you’ve been doing for the benefit of the nation with your services.

Content Development Is a One-Time Investment for a Lifetime Benefit

Let us understand that the paddy you sow in autumn is reaped in winter. In the same way, the content you develop today would bring you fruits soon.

Wondering how? Take a look at the pointers below that showcase what content can do for your business:

  • Content improves brand awareness
  • Content educates potential buyers
  • Content builds trust and relationship with existing consumers
  • Content increases consumer loyalty and forms them by the brand’s ambassadors
  • Content skyrockets leads and paves the way for new consumers

Content During COVID 19 Fishes Followers If Not Conversions

Your current content writing efforts may or may not succeed to bring in more conversions, yet, you would surely be building on the list of followers. You would have the chance to feature yourself as the thought leader in your industry.

So, leverage all the platforms out there and engineer your content accordingly. You will never know, but you might be the sole business engaging with your consumers and potential clients out there. For instance, were you aware that Chipotle was the single major restaurant with a stable TikTok presence back in 2019?

If such a situation becomes of you, the entire marketplace is yours!

The Call

“Content is the king” is quite a familiar phrase for us all. Now is the time to experience the real reigning power of content.

Now is the time to tell your consumers how you have changed your business operation through a blog post and hit them in your mailing list. Or just say ‘Hi’ to your consumers via Facebook by featuring your work culture during these lockdowns.

If you fail to connect with your consumers, your competitor will. Do not let that happen! Keep generating that stream of interesting content during COVID 19 to stay on the top-shelf.

In case you are stranded and have no idea how to start with content development, get in touch with us at iWrite India. Our content warriors are here to protect your business kingdom with their arrow-sharp words!

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