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To Drive Sales You Need Engaging Content! Still Not Convinced? Read On!

In today’s age, content marketing takes precedence over any other form of online marketing. Users like personally engaging with content rather than just having unattractive chunks of information thrown at them. And, when competition within an online space is so high, content marketers who know what they are doing are in high demand.

Good technical content writers understand the need for conversions. They know the ins and outs of what we call the sales funnel. What is the sales funnel? It is the decision-making process that a potential client goes through before making a purchase. With content marketing, you nudge this process along so it happens a little faster with the customer approaching you rather than the competition.

There are three main stages to the sales funnel. We will take you through these stages so you can see the effectiveness of a good content marketing strategy for yourself.

STAGE ONE: The Attraction Stage

This is the first and most important stage. It is where you employ content writing services so your content ranks higher in the organic search engine results and you gain more prospects. Here is where engaging content is the most important. The more potential customers see your content, the greater your visibility.

While you may believe that this is done through on-site content, this is not what we are referring to!

We are referring to backlinks.

What are backlinks? Backlinks are the beautiful little links that send customers to your website from a different website. Having your site linked on a big-name publisher that your potential clientele frequents is the best way of boosting visibility.

After you establish a portfolio of backlinks across various websites, you can then sit back and watch the magic happen. You can monitor your backlinks and watch how many social shares you receive. When there is a spike in traffic on your website, you know people want more content from your brand.

Having backlinks on leading sites in that domain instantly boost your visibility. Due to their authority, the search engine assumes you have similar authority and pushes you higher in the search results. This way, off-site content marketing is just as important as on-site content marketing.

STAGE TWO: The Conversion Stage

Okay, so you have built a gorgeously intricate network of backlinks and it sends you traffic like never before! Does this mean you can relax? Does that increased traffic automatically mean increased sales? No!

We have covered off-site marketing; now let us talk about on-site marketing. Getting more clients through backlinks is only the first step. Any good content development agency will tell you that! Now you need on-site content that establishes your brand image and drives conversions.

Consumers start their online journey with a problem. This problem leads them to your website. If you do not host an answer for them, what reason would they have to stay? Your technical content writers need to come up with hyper-targeted solutions that guarantee greater conversions.

Content writing services have an array of ways to present these solutions:

  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • Video tutorials

Using these methods, content marketers promote your brand image. They understand that the key to good content is consistency in quality and readability.

An important part of content marketing on-site is search engine optimisation (SEO). Optimising your website gives you the results you deserve. SEO ranks your website higher in the organic search engine results, making it a must-have in any content marketing strategy.

Content development agencies focus on optimising your content for maximum visibility. There are combinations which, when used, produce desired results of greater conversions. The idea is increasing sales, after all. Only through engaging content that can be achieved.

Content can only be engaging if produced regularly. Putting out two or more posts per month gives your company an edge. It means that you have an eye for market trends and decide your content accordingly. This is, once again, required for greater visibility.

Along with this, actually engaging with your customers through replies on comments or reviews and sending out newsletters and building email lists are ways of improving your content.

STAGE THREE: The Nurturing Stage

The final stage in this is funnelling process i.e. the one that finally pushes the customers through the funnel. The one that completely converts them and results in increased sales.

This is where you come in.

You may think that, when providing solutions through various mediums or interacting with customers, not bragging or boasting is the answer. Bragging or boasting is often off-putting if done excessively.

Luckily, with proficient content marketers, this need not be a worry.

Technical content writers understand the necessity of a little self-promotion. Boasting your results is one of the best ways to drive conversions. Especially, when these results hold value.

Choosing success stories of important, big-name companies is a great way of driving sales. Putting these on your website creates a positive brand image for you. This makes potential clients more likely to fully convert and become brand loyalists.

Using statistics is also a brilliant way of driving conversions. After all, no one can argue with cold, hard facts, right? Putting up statistics of your success rate, the growth of your clients after use, the five-star reviews etc. are all ways your clients see what makes you their best option.

And, at the end of the day, that is what content marketing is all about – providing good information in an easy-to-read format that establishes relationships with your clients. Nurturing these relationships is of paramount importance so you get the best results.

In an online world where every consumer is spoiled for choice, making them a potential client for so many companies, you need to stand out to them. Establishing yourself through content marketing is one of the best ways to do this. Having a sound content marketing strategy backed by an amazing content development agency is the foundation for success in the digital age.

iWrite India is the leading content development agency for you! With our brilliant team of writers and our thorough understanding of what makes for engaging content, we give you the best in that domain! Based in Delhi, our expert content writing services drive your sales conversions in no time!

Rahel Rao

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